FAQ : Still having question about the Solidpool® system ?


  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : How does the structure last long term ?

    Answer : The structure does not move in long-term. The block is completely filled with concrete and does not have to be removed after.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Where are the blocks made ? Are you the owner ofthe product?

    Answer : The blocks are made in France, in a factory based in Maillat (near Oyonnax and 1 hour far from Lyon). This place is well-known as « Plastic valley » because of factories’ high quality product.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : What is the block made of ?

    Answer : The block is composed of a material called polypropylena injected into a specific mold to a very high temperature. This material allows us to create a lightweight (3.4 kg) and very resistant block. The product is also recyclable to infinity and respectful of the environment.


  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Can we build a complete above-ground pool with this system?

    Answer : It is possible to create having a structure self-supported.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Do we need reinforcement from outside the structure ?

    Answer : Nothing is required out of the pool. The structure is self-supporting.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : How many technicians are required for a 8 x 4 pool?

    Answer : In Solidpool®, we have 3 technicians who build about 40 pools per year. During high-season, each one goes to make is own project. At the beginning, you can count about 3 technicians per pool, no more.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : ls there a risk at the part between the slab and the wall?

    Answer : If the concrete composition is the correct one and used correctly, there is no risk for this. The assembling steps are the most important, and this part can be reinforced with a waterproof roll which will inflate in contact of the water.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Why do you pour the structure in two times instead of one ?

    Answer : After trying the two methods, we pour the floor and then the slab in two times as it allows us to manage our schedule and our construction stages: first we make the slab during the non-rainy days, and then build the structure if it rains, so the construction does not stopped.

About the concrete

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Any concrete composition can be used ?

    Answer : We have a specific composition used for the concrete, which is the most adapted to our structure.

Finishes and compatibility

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Which shape is possible?

    Answer : Every shape is possible with a minimum of 2 meter diameter. You can create small spas, fountains and pools until big ones.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Which finish?

    Answer : We have blocks for Liner/Reinforced PVC, Mosaic and polymeric finish.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Are we obligated to purschase all products directly with you ?

    Answer : No, you have the choice : you can buy our structure and your accessories from your side. You are free to choose.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Any accessory can be added ?

    Answer : Our blocks are universal : any accessory can be fixed directly without problem.


  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : What is the difference between Assembled and Not-assembled blocks ?

    Answer : You can choose between blocks not-assembled (more blocks in one pallet, save money on transport but have to be assembled once arrived) or assembled (less blocks in one pallet, more expensive in transport but ready to be build)

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : What does a 8 x 4 pool represent in pallets with only blocks ?

    Answer : With not assembled blocks : about 2 pallets. With assembled blocks : about 3 pallets.

  • arrow_drop_downQuestion : Where are Storage offices located ?

    Answer : The global storage office is based in Lyon, France. We have also storage offices in our factory.

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